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Stay Golden Custom is proud to offer a wide range of customizable products from many different brands.  It is important to remember that different brands and styles are manufacturered in different measurements. To ensure that everyone in your group receives the size of clothing that will fit them best, we always recommend referencing the sizing chart listed on each product page on our website before finalizing a clothing order.


When looking at the product details page for a piece of clothing on our website, this sizing chart is usually displayed on the lower right side below the product's text description.


When ordering custom t-shirts, hoodies or other tops, typically a garment manufacturer will include the length and width measurements in their online sizing chart which is what we display on our website. These measurements are taken when the garment is laid out on a flat surface, and usually measured in inches unless otherwise specificed.


You can find out what chest width you will need by measuring across a shirt from under arm to under arm. Be sure to keep the measuring tape level and comfortably loose.


To determine the length, measure from the top of the back neck collar on the shirt to the bottom hem.  Once you have these two measurements, refer to the sizing chart on the product's page and match it up with the size that is the closest match in the sizing chart.


Garments that are made of cotton may be affected by shrinkage of up to 5% when washed and dryed on hot temperature settings. As a general rule across all garment brands, the higher the cotton percentage in a fabric, the more prone to shrinkage it is. Some clothing brands offer pre-shrunk cotton fabric to overcome this. Polyester "dry fit style" garments typically are not affected by shrinkage.


At Stay Golden Custom, we do keep some of our most popular products on display in our showroom at 4302 PE-13 in Hunter River.  If you have more questions about reading clothing sizing charts for your order, please contact our sales team here.

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