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We know that the initial design phase can be one of the hardest parts of the creative process. Stay Golden Custom has in house creative talent that can help find the right direction and look for your brand


Custom inside neck labels can increase the perceived value of goods by as much as $5 at the retail level.  This is a unique way to communicate your brand's message and make your line stand out.



Woven labels sewn on the hem of garments are another way to add value and brand consistency to your pieces.  Labels can be sewn onto t-shirts, fleece, jackets, toques and more!

graphic design

Your ideas, no matter how wild they are, can come to life in a beautiful way. While our normal clothing orders offer free basic design help, we can also offer more in depth design and strategy when needed, for an additional cost.

product photography

High quality social media and web content is an important part of selling products via eCommerce. We now have an on-site professional photo studio for shooting eCommerce product photography. Ask us about this easy add on for your next order!

video production

We have the latest in production equipment and aesthetic to bring your brand's vision to life through video. Filming, post production, colour and sound design, we do it all to help tell your story online.

What is private label?

Stay Golden Custom's private label program partners with clients to help develop and elevate their brands to the next level with retail finishings. Private label garments are printed with custom tagging and other add ons specific to each client's request.

This program was launched for brands and clothing lines that will be sold in retail stores and online, however it is suitable for anyone who wants their clothing line to stand out and be truly unique.

Our neck tagging service has a minimum order quantity of 72 pieces and offers personalized tagging on the inside of garments which includes branding information, fabric content, size, country of origin and optional washing instructions. We handle all of the details of the process and production, so clients only need to provide us with their logo and brand information for the design of the tag. We are also able to assist clients in applying for CA identification numbers.

Another option is the addition of custom woven labels for your garments. These are very versatile and can create consistency for your brand among different styles of clothing. For example, they can be sewn onto toques and bags, along with the bottom hem of t-shirts, fleece and jackets.  The minimum order quantity for custom woven labels is 100 labels per production run. Bulk discounts are available for larger quantities. Many clients will place a large bulk order of woven labels in advance and have them stored free of charge at our production facility, where we can automatically sewn onto garments in your future orders.


We start the private label process with a consultation meeting or video call to learn more about your brand and goals. In addition to the services mentioned above, we can also help make sure your garments are eCommerce ready with professional product photography shot in our on site photo studio.


We put our background in marketing and design to work for you to help create garments for your brand that will stand out from the crowd.  Get started in our private label program with as few as 72 pieces.  



Creative services

Getting the word out about your brand and merchandise is important in the fast paced digital age that we live in.  We have produced premium social media and digital advertising campaigns for clients across Canada and south east Asia.

We can help you create high quality product and life style photography, videography and formatting for print, web and social media campaigns. This can help establish your brand, communicate professionalism and drive product sales. Get in touch with us for more details, we'd love to discuss how we can help you and your brand reach your goals!

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